Saturday, May 28, 2011

Its been ages since I last update my blog as I'm just plain lazy. Updating my twitter seems so much easier than to type something longer than 140 characters. This blog has been abandoned for the longest & I guess I've been turning it to be a platform for complaints.

Lots of things have changed with tinge of saddness as well as happiness. I finally cleared my exams (left with submitting my CV which I'm kinda lazy to do it), handling assignments myself, took up Japanese, did something that I never thought I would have done and hoping for some things to change. Till some things would changed, life is pretty much the same.. What's happy is that at least I know my friends are still out there when I needed them. There are things which seems hard to share it out with friends but I do hope the efforts that I made will make it happen. Not sure how should I turn things right nor how should I have done to make it happen.

As least with the exams gone, I have all the time to do whatever I want. No more stress or studying, I have time for my interest and choose to pick up things that I'm interested in.  

Saturday, December 04, 2010

My happenings...

Its ages since I last updated my blog. I must admit its plain laziness and with twitter, my friend knows my life just as much. Life for me been filled with ups and downs.

I didnt make it for my exam again.. I did make it for one but not for the other. This time, there was no tears (maybe there was a little when I'm all alone in the dark, recalling what happen), just feeling resentful. I wonder what am I studying for? Maybe a Master wouldn't take me that long. I guess its an indication that I should move on to something else. With the exam done 2 weeks ago, the tiny wish for a 50 seems far or maybe I'm really not cut out for this. As time passed (maybe its kinda long as 3 years have passed), I'm beginning to reassess myself on my suitability for this job. I'm not vocal, not a sociable person, feel lost in a crowd, I feel the fear everytime we have a event & I pratically know no one there and feeling so lost. I seem to find myself comparing myself to the juniors in HK and Aussie whom are more outgoing than me.. ~ FIND A NEW JOB, piggie!!~ My friend seems to be always discouraging me saying I should not get a bank job but its always where I wanted to be since uni.. What I most wanted ended up being her who went into it... Starting to feel that uni gathering ends up as bank talk and slowly, I just occupied myself with food while they talk..

Enough of grumbles.. My trip.. Went straight to HK after my exams.. It was mostly eat and shop as its my 3rd time there excluding the trips for work. My mum was commenting why do I go being the lightbulb but it was my wj who asked me to go and I have no thoughts of forcing myself into this trip. Anyway, I knew the guy pretty well so it was still fun during the whole trip. Made new discoveries and maybe next year, I should uncover the other side of HK??

Its the coming of the festive season again.. I only managed to buy partial x'mas gifts for my dearies so still losts to go.. with my whole Dec packed, I wonder if I'll have time to get all the stuffs...

Time to meet up with my poly dearies... waiting for one more to finish her exams...

Its SC run tml.. bo pi I'll not faint?? Hasn't got the slightest time to train at all... :( 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lots of good luck..

These are what I need most at this time.. Good luck & fairies.. I do hope for a miracle.. May god bless me with luck...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Revival of the past...

Reviving my seemingly abandonded blog partly attributed to my laziness of having my laptop switch on.. Always wanted to try customizing my blog so started with trying out attaching my photo from Japan as the header.. First attempt & thought I did a pretty neat job!! Heez..

Time flies & I'll be stepping into the second half of the year.. In just 6 months, had lots of activities ongoing.. hopefully my memory hasn't failed me.. summing (really very) briefly..

Jan - A sad month which left me bad memories. I wish it hasn't had to happen but it did. I wonder how did I screw up everything & what if I screwed up yet again? I ponder if I ever make it.. Bad setback!!

Feb - I love snow!! I had always so often remarked to NK that I had always dream about having my own igloo with my winter ear protection and fishing right outside my small little ice cave. A plain simple life with snow falling on me & enjoying the beauty of white illumination. Had my very first experience on a sole trip with just xm & to a wintery country!! Loved snow to the point that I would just stand outside the cold snow & let it fall on me. Anyone wanna go with me every year?? was chatting with xm earlier on that maybe I should retire at Hirafu and set up small cottages as accomodation for travellers. The design would be simple and cosy with the touch of being at home and warmth.

After my trip, it was to TW for biz trip (my last with NK too).. then to Bandung for my colleague's engagement.. My first (& very short) trip to Indonesia..

Mar - Busy with work, studies, sleep & eat. Zero excitement!!

Apr - Preparing for May exam. Feeling so tired as I had to work late but yet still had to study. Had to resort to pointing to the words as I read with my pen as I was slowly drifting off. wj was commenting I should just go to sleep but I feel guilty not studying anything. With loads of textbooks to mug, what excitement can there be?? The only happy event was seeing Mayday again!! Yes!! I had went for their DNA concert in 2009 and its DNA (Enlarged version). I'm like a little fan (despite my 'old' age) shrieking when they walked along the runway. Its also the first concert to be held in Kallang Stadium & having SHE co-performing at Indoor Stadium!! cool!!

May - Exams pressure.. exams tension.. exams depression.. HAIZ!! what else can I say about the exams after completing it??

June - Attended my colleague's wedding in Bali. Is it a trend to hold wedding overseas?? Its a big burnt to my pocket though. Its nice of the gang to agree going to Bali with me!! Love the sea, sand & of course nice food!!

Of course another highlight has got to be attending my dearly babe's engagement!! Elated for her entering her next chapter of life with her loved one. The cake might not have been perfectly decorated (but we all did it with love!!), the sentosa surprise might have been a little time constrained coz the cable's reaching its station (but we all plan it with love!!), all in the name of seeing that wide smile that you carried.. Happy that we were all part of it..

Attended quite a fair bit of engagements in the first half & wedding dinners of friends filled up a fair bit of my later part of the year..

Enjoying the last bit of 'no books' day before that dreadful day comes, determining if I see the 'P'.. May God bless me & lady luck shining brightly on me..

Dim sum day tml!! yummy!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


A lot of things did happen but I'm plain, super duper, damn lazy to note anything down. Till when I find myself with a tiny bit of time to spare, I'll have it pen down. Went through a fair bit of 'first' experiences, boring incidents, sad moments and happy happenings, hopefully will have the time to write it all down before my memory fails on me (well... age plays a factor, memory poorer with each day.).

Chance upon something interesting online.. It tells you why you are still single..

Surprise to find it pretty accurate for me..


Now between four colour combinations, please choose one:
a. Orange + Yellow
b. Red + Yellow
c. Purple + Pink
d. Green + Pink

Orange + Yellow

Red + Yellow

Purple + Pink

Green + Pink

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Life as Dong Po Rou Stepping in Auntiehood..

My life as Dong Po Rou (lots of fats with little meat).. I'm so afraid to step on the scale these days as I know I'll be in for a great surprise. I can physically feel it but yet I'm finding excuses to tuck myself in bed or indulge in great food. I must buck up to lose weight!! Guess friends must be tolerant with my outpour of weight sorrows here till I achieved my aim.

My life in late twenties.. Was sharing with xm that its scary to think about approaching the 30 marking very soon. What have I achieved compared to people of my age? I may have a job that pays me well but am I really happy? Even if I do get another job that I have been hoping to try out, I must be prepared for a pay cut and it might turn that I hate that job after all. What should I pursue ultimately? So scary (in NK signature tone)!!

My life & my friends.. will be having dinner with my friends for Fri & Sat for my b'day which marks another year older! Hope I'm wiser, prettier, slimmer, smarter & most importantly richer!! Stepping into the life of auntiehood! My oh mine!! I appreciate the friendship of all my friends who have accompanied me this far, knowing that you are there when I need a listening ear & being tolerant of my nonsense. Most importantly, appreciate that you guys remember the day that marks my birth. Hope all of you will still remember me even when our hairs are grey.

QQ, thanks for the cake today!! Appreciate that you took time out of your busy schedule for me..

Happy Birthday to myself!! I'm heading to bed while I'm still at the age of "ahem.. cough..".. Woohoo!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Lunar New Year!! Huat Ah!!

Been ending my text with my friends lately with "Huat Ah"! My purse is in real bad shape now. Retail therapy proves to be very damaging this month where outflow is more than inflow. With the festive season in sight, I allowed myself to go wild with my CC. I'm so happy that I did not give in to J when he kept saying "Go buy the bag you have been eyeing at for CNY!".

Further damage was attributed to tickets bought for Apr. Times are different now where there's less movies (with my poly gals) but we go for musical. There wasnt much response when I told xm & the rest but with von, its pretty efficient. I'm going to Chicago Musical with von & yan!! Yippie!! Right after the musical, I'm going Mayday concert with NC the very next day!! I'm on all smiles but my purse is sobbing. I'll stay home on weekend I guess to stay away from shopping malls & food place. Or maybe I sld get a month lunch tickets from each of my friends for my b'day pressies (friends, you hear me??). Hmmm.. Do I have 12 friends in the first place to get me my 1 year supply of meals? Haa.. just joking..

CNY was pretty much catching up on my sleep & I finally had time to try my new internet connection which I signed up with ST but never did install it. House visiting was little as most of my relatives would go overseas. With the goodies from CNY, I'm happily popping one box after another. Sadly, my waistline is getting bigger, weight on the scale increasing further beyond that "ahem" mark. Oh mine!! I need to get my butt out from the bed for some intensive exercise. I ate far too much during CNY that I'm feeling all guilty.

Watched midnight show "Little Big Soldier" with xm & gang on chu yi.

"A Foot Soldier (Jackie Chan) and a General (Wang Lee Hom) from rival states become the sole survivors of war. The Soldier captures the wounded General, hoping to use his enemy as a ticket to freedom by handling him over to the warlord. Along the long and winding journey, the two men at loggerheads meet with the most amazing encounters starving without water and food, seductive scheming songstress, a stalking ferocious bear."

I wouldn't rate it as a must watch show but if anyone is looking for a comedy or a fan of Jackie Chan, you will in for a good laugh, at least we had ours. J find some character redundant while I find the ending weird. The appealing factor that drew us is Wang Lee Hom rather than Jackie Chan. If not for WLH staring in this show, I would have been more interested in catching "14 blades" starring Donnie Yen.

As xm knows well enough of my need of calcium, I fall down easily which I did on chu er. My mum was commenting that I'll need to drink lots of milk for calcium to withstand my occasional fall. My knee still feels the pain but as long as I don't fall (choy!) or knock against anything else, I should recover soon. Oh well, besides afraid of falling down, my next fear is faint. Anyway, I should be fine for now, no giddy spells and I'll wear flats whenever I can.

Life is back to the daily routine once again.

Huat ah!! to all my friends!!

Friday, February 05, 2010


Customer service from XXXX in US sucks!! called to enquiry on my online books order as it has taken them too long to reply & with our hours difference, I hate the long wait.. was pissed off that I had to take such great length to get this order settled.. After taking 1/2 hr transferring me here & there, checking this & that, their only reply was "Your order was not being processed.. You may order from the Singapore office" I starting venting off that it has taken them a week and now I have to re-do my order again.. Damn it!! I was already down & affected by the "incident" and now its this.. well, its the weekend so I had to wait till Mon.. I never encountered problem ordering from the another publisher but thought of changing for this new term..

Managed to finally get it done from S'pore office but the stock will come from UK.. oh well.. internal sourcing process that I know nuts of (the website was US based so naturally I would have thought the books will come from there).. anyway, as long as I get my books, its fine.. well, just when I thought the ordeal was finally over, one of the book is being under consideration for reprinting.. Damn Damn Damn.. How bad could things go.. best is that I have to go without my exam kit.. when can I ever get my book???

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Food for Thoughts...

I know my weighing machine has been under the stress of my weight with the days pass.. knowing that my tummy is bigger, a double chin that is getting obvious, rounder face but I simply only console myself that I'll get back in shape someday with my pathetic once a week run (sometime I simply just couldn't drag myself out of the bed).. I simply gave up on myself I guess..

with less than 2 days time, I'll be gorging my way at Bandung.. less than 5 days before I gorge at St Regis for our CNY lunch.. less than 9 days before the reunion dinner and less than a month where I'll gorge non-stop with xm... When am I ever gonna lose weight?? Sobz...

but but but.. somehow, I'm craving for ba kwas, crabs & durians now.. all the unhealthy food I could think of..